it's your world: dear mr. president...

Girl Scouts of America: Celebrating 100 Years of Girl Leadership!

Dear Mr. President,

Our country needs more and more leaders every day. We need to help girls reach their highest potential, to have them as role models for other little girls. But how do we do that?

Well, there are so many ways to make sure our nation has a future generation of leaders!

From planting a community garden to bringing awareness on teen body images, our girls are making the world a better place each and every day!

But there are some girls who are opting out of leadership, and Mr. President we HAVE to take action!

We HAVE to support these girls by making sure they have adults to look up to when they need help! We HAVE to support girls by encouraging them in preparing for a bright and happy future! We HAVE to support these girls by helping them find the right way to succeed!

And Mr. President, we will do just that! We will support girls across the nation! Because when girls succeed so does society. And with just that, let’s make sure that the legacy of Girl Scouting will live on and never end!

Celebrating 100 Years of Girl Leadership!

-The Girl Scouts of the United States of America




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