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The Life of a Water Bottle


Time: 2:17 minutes

Agency: Brownie Girl Scout Troop 70859, Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania

Title: “The Life of a Water Bottle”

Main Point: Canteens and other reusable containers are better for the planet than plastic bottles of water.


Camera Description: Scene 1 opens with Girl lovingly cradling a plastic water bottle in a blanket, treating it as if it were a new-born baby. Scout #1 and Scout #2 stand by.



The Scouts look confused and Scout #1 asks Girl…

Scout #1: What do you have there?

Girl: Why it’s my brand new plastic bottle of water.

Scout #2: Where did you get it?

Girl: I bought it. Isn’t it the best thing you’ve ever seen?!

Scout #1: Why did you BUY water? Don’t you have a sink in your house?

Girl: Oh I have a sink; it’s just…well this is SPECIAL water.

Scout #2: What’s so special about it?

Girl: I don’t know. I figured that if it comes in a bottle, it must be VERY special.

Scout Chorus steps into forefront of scene.

Scout #3: People in the United States buy more than one half billion plastic bottles of water every week. That’s enough bottles to circle the globe more than 5 times!

Scout #4: It takes 3 bottles-worth of water to make JUST ONE plastic bottled water!

Scout #5: Only ONE out of FIVE plastic water bottles is recycled.

Scout #6: And a plastic bottle of water has a LOOOOOOONG life.


Camera Description: Scene 2 opens on Girl dribbling a soccer ball and making a goal (during a presumed game) as the Scout Chorus cheers her on. She is dribbling around empty water bottles.



Close-up on Scout #6 in crowd…

Scout #6: Plastic water bottles attend sporting events.


Camera Description: Scene 3 opens on Scout #3, 4, and 5 fishing in a stream. There is an empty water bottle bobbing in their way.



Close-up on Scout #5…

Scout #5: Plastic water bottles enjoy outdoor activities.


Camera Description: Scene 4 opens on Girl riding in car. She finishes bottled water and tosses it out the window.



Show Scout #2 is standing along the side of the road with the discarded bottle.

Scout #2: Plastic water bottles get to travel and see the world.


Camera Description: Scene 5 opens on Girl, dressed for funeral, crying over her empty bottle of water, which is lying in a pile of dirt and trash. Scout #1 comforts her while ALL Scouts look on.



Scout #1 puts her arm around shoulders of Girl who is crying…

Scout #1: Don’t worry, your plastic bottle of water might be empty, but it will survive for thousands of years here in the landfill.

Girl dries her tears and smiles. Scouts #2 - #6 cry.


Camera Description: Scene 6 opens on Narrator, who is holding several different reusable water bottles.



Narrator: Canteens and other containers that you can use again and again and again are better for the planet than plastic bottles of water. And they are fun to use because they come in all shapes and sizes, and colors and designs! Instead of buying bottled water, won’t you please try a reusable container?

Girl walks into scene, looks over containers, and takes one.

To Narrator…

Girl: Thanks!

Girl walks happily out of scene. Narrator looks at camera and shrugs.


Camera Description: Close on entire troop (shot from above). Title reads: This has been a production of…



Yelled as a chorus…

Troop: Troop 70-8-59!


# # #





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